3 Reasons Why Organizations are Not Using Sales Enablement

3 Reasons Why Organizations are Not Using Sales Enablement

More than 60% of organizations today are using sales enablement, meaning if you’re not on board, there’s a strong chance your competitors are. If you’re competing against organizations with sales enablement tools, you’re already at a disadvantage.

Despite the proven benefits, many sales departments haven’t deployed sales enablement resources. They expect to do business the same way it’s always been done. The results are a slowed sales process and repeatedly missing quota. What’s holding them back from implementing a sales enablement strategy?

Common Misconceptions About Sales Enablement

Impact Sales Leadership System - Talent Defined CourseAmid a rapidly changing environment, sales enablement is more important than ever. From helping salespeople adapt to new workflows while working from home to effectively communicating changes, sales enablement is uniquely positioned to provide a big impact on the bottom line.

Having the right strategies, tools, and process makes a huge difference in revenue, client acquisition, and the sales cycle. If you’re a sales enablement novice, the best time to begin is right now.

First, let’s take a look at some common reasons why sales departments haven’t adapted sales enablement strategies.

1. Sales Enablement is Misunderstood

Organizations are hesitant to adopt a sales enablement strategy because they don’t know what it is. It’s a multi-faceted term that’s often associated with sales training and coaching. However, sales enablement is simply any resource, tool, or process that helps improve the productivity and performance.

Sales enablement comes in many different forms, which is where a lot of the confusion generates. Some forms are simple and can be implemented in a few hours for very little cost; other forms are more complex and require a larger investment.

2. Sales Enablement is More Costly Than Beneficial

Sales enablement is designed to help the entire organization succeed – not just the sales team. Streamlining the sales process and improving the sales team’s ability to close deals mean the entire business thrives. A common misconception about sales enablement is that ROI is difficult to quantify – which is completely false when using the right platform.

As mentioned above, some forms of sales enablement require a larger investment. However, sales enablement is an individual and customizable journey. The technology you choose doesn’t have to be costly and you don’t have to adopt a pricey platform.

3. Sales Enablement is Difficult to Adopt

If sales enablement isn’t associated with training and coaching, then the next comparison is with “complicated sales technology.”

  • Sales enablement provides tools and resources that move the sales process faster and more efficiently.
  • Customer relationship management, or a CRM, is a database that automates processes and procedures to make salespeople more productive. CRM’s help manage pipelines, automatically track customer interactions, and allow sales reps to access everything they need in one place.

For more information on the differences between sales enablement and a CRM, check out these resources:

Implement a Sales Enablment Strategy

The path to increased sales productivity is not straightforward. To ensure your sales team consistently meets quota, you must empower them to sell better by providing them with the right tools and resources. From lead generation to closing and growing accounts, every part of the sales process needs to be on point.

Currently, 19% of organizations don’t feel as if they’re equipped to be competitive in the future. Is it due to not having a sales enablement strategy? Rather than bringing pennies to a high-stakes poker game, change your views on sales enablement, and equip your team with the proper knowledge, tools, and resources to maximize every sales opportunity.Sales Enablement Game Checklist

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